Alright, so while there’s still some sawdust floating around, we are up and running. One of the prime things I want to do with this site is collect the various go-play designs as they come out. This will not be so much a destination as an archive. So I’ll start collecting this weekend… and maybe find a theme that isn’t, you know, grass.

In the mean time, the other thing we need are pictures of people displaying their go-play pride. If Rob thrust a sticker in your hands and it ended up on your laptop or car bumper or window or forehead, send us a picture. If you got one of Jason or Rob’s teeshirts, send us a picture. If you painted your face green with a big white arrow in the middle, seek help, but send us a picture first. I’m turning any new users that I recognize into Authors, so you can just start up a new post to display their go-play awesomatude. Alternately, slap a comment on this post with your pictures.

I’d love to see everybody with their little green flags flying!